First blog post

First blog post

Hi and welcome to this blog! This is all about the sip and paint parties not really but mainly.  I like to paint and so I thought it would be great if I can paint with others. And since this is kinda hot right now I thought I could add it to my little studio and have folks come and paint with me. I am also starting a membership group there at the studio. So that we all can learn and grow as artist. One lady that I hope will join the group she does needlepoint. I am interested in learning what and how to do it. Hum can I combine the two? wow!  Well we will see.  This is the first blog for this subject matter and I am excited about it and the membership club and the paint and sip parties. I am also a photographer and I think that is art too so lets see if I can get all this together. Under one roof and one theme and mix every thing together in peace and harmony smile. Welcome to my  goofy wonderful life in art!!  I will add a few pictures so that you can get a visual kick out of this start of the Art show and this blog.

Pictures are as follows.

1. Logo picture of me my camera and my paint brushes

2. Painting of a widow looking out on a rainy day.

3. Self portrait with digital craziness going on.